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Alumina content in approximate 28-45% are classified to CLAY FIREBRICKS. Fire clay brick is made of local top grade fireclay materials under the high temperature according to the lasted national standard, which possesses even bulk density, high strength, low thermal conductivity and low impurity. Fire clay refractory brick has wide usage and the largest production.

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1. Low coefficient of linear expansion 2. Low thermal conductivity, 3. Strong resistance to the acid slag erosion, 4. Excellent thermal shock resistance, 5. High Refractoriness under load, 6. Low high-temperature creep rate.• Furnace construction • Blast furnace/Hot blast stove  • Steel foundries • Furnace in the nonferrous metal industry • Coke oven and Gas furnace • Glass industry • Cement industry • Safety lining of ladle • Backup lining of boilerOther Tips for Wood Stove Cooking Hand Protection:  Make sure you’re using appropriate protection for your hands. Tea Pot:  If you keep a tea pot on the stove (with the lid off), the evaporating water will help humidify your house and you will always have hot water ready.  Safety:  Unlike conventional stoves, if you bump wood stove it you will burn yourself.   Be extra careful. Who we are? Our wood cook stoves come from China and offer top quality. These stoves will heat up over thousand square meters depending on the model, the space layout, and house insulation. All videos posted on pages come from our factory! How long does a wood cook stove last? A good quality wood burning stove is said to be able to last ten years or more, with some people even claiming they've had the same one for 40+ years! But, we think this is only half the story. Yes, when well-maintained, a log burner can continue to be used for as long as 10 years.

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