Natural Coco Coir Basket

Coir wire Basket are made from 100% natural and Eco friendly coir fibers with 100% natural latex. These baskets can be used as decorative hanging baskets for both indoor and outdoor plants for planting flowers, succulents and small herbs.

Products Details

* These liners are 100% natural and renewable * Absorbent and porous, which is very conductive to plants growth * The organic material of coconut coir can help prevent peats and disease Natural Like coconut milk, coconut meat, and coconut water have become increasingly popular, liners are the perfect way to utilize the coconut fibers that would otherwise go to waste. And because they are 100% natural, coco liners are also biodegradable! Plant them (along with your plants) directly into the soil or mix the liner into the dirt for natural fertilizer. That coco liner is more than just an attractive addition to your hanging basket, it's a gardening superhero!
Product Name Round Hanging Basket with chain
Material Metal, Coconut fiber
Color Black
Size 10 12 14 16 Inch
Our advantage: More than ten years of working experience Designed and customized according to customer needs Professional design team, professional quality inspection team, professional delivery team Own factory, strict quality control. Support to factory inspection Professional foreign trade manager, provide financial and transportation support   Moisture Regulating Finding the right balance of moisture is key to gardening success. Not enough water and your plants wither and die. Too much water and you risk root rot and fungal growth. Unlike their alternatives, coco liners can regulate your soil's moisture levels so that plants stay healthy. Coco liners can hold up to 8x their weight in water, then slowly release it as the soil dries out. This makes watering your container garden a lot easier!

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